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Green fiber laser is a single frequency and low noise CW laser that features output power greater than 15W, M2 of less than 1.1, and a line width near 2 MHz at 532 nm. In a compact, rugged design, the CW green fiber laser is well suited for Ti-sapphire pumping and various other applications where the highest coherency and stability of visible laser emission are required.

 Wavelength: 515, 532 and 535 nm
 Mode of Operation: CW or Modulated
 Output Power: >15W, Adjustable 0 to 100%
 Linewidth: < 3MHz
 Beam Diameter: 1.5mm ± 5%
 M2 : < 1.05
 Pointing Stability: < 2 μrad/șC
 Power Stability: ± 0.5%
 Polarization: Linear, > 300:1
 Output Fiber Length: 2.5 Meters
 Output Head Size: 45mm x 70mm x 200mm
 Output Head Weight: < 0.9 kg
 Output Head Package: Sealed, Smooth, Cleanable Surfaces
 Power Requirements: 100-240VAC
 Power Consumption: < 130 Watts
 Driver Weight: < 11kg
 Driver Dimensions: 200mm x 500mm x 550mm

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