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Er:Glass Laser Rods …. 05 pcs.
Material : Er: Yb: Glass (Phosphate Glass)
Doping Concentration : Yb^3+ : 1.3 x 10^21 ions/ cm^3 ; Er^3+ : 10^19 ions/ cm^3
(Without Chromium doping)
Dimension : Dia = 2.5 ±0.1mm ; L = 35 ±0.5mm
Surface Quality : 10:5 (Scratch: dig)
Parallelism : < 30 arc sec
Perpendicularity : 5 arc minutes (each face)
Wave front distortion : lambda /10 @ 632.8nm
dn/dT : -3.6x10^-6 / Deg C
Barrel finish: Ground
End surface coating: AR(R<0.2%) @ 1540 nm
Clear Aperture : >95% of diameter
Damage Threshold : 15 J/cm^2 for 10ns.

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