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Best talk and best poster awards at IONS-Moscow 2010 conference sponsored by Del Mar Photonics

About IONS (from the IONS-project website) - New: Del Mar Photonics sponsor IONS-NA-2 conference in Tucson, Arizona

Del Mar Photonics sponsors IONS-North America conference. IONS is a North America International OSA network connects optics and photonics students from all over the world. The Student Chapter at the University of Maryland is hosting the first IONS Conference in North America. The conference will be held on Sep 24-26. Nobel Laureate William D. Phillips and OSA President Thomas M. Baer will give keynote talks.

Brooke Hester, Coordinator IONS North America wrote:

Please let me tell you a little about our IONS-North America conference. In a nutshell...

-organized for students, by students (organizers are grad student members of OSA or SPIE student chapters at UMD, William and Mary, UMBC, Cornell, PennState, UConn, UDelaware)
-free registration
-Congressional visits
-Lab tours at NIST, NIH, NASA, NRL, ARL, USNO, and UMD optics and photonics labs
-student technical talks and posters
-Nobel prize laureate Bill Phillips, plenary speaker
-OSA president, Tom Baer, plenary speaker
-reception at OSA headquarters
-$300 cash prize each for best talk and best poster
-for more info, see website:
-conference flyer attached

Best Regards,

p.s. My DelMar Tisapph laser is doing great and making me very happy.

Brook uses Del Mar Photonics Trestles CW laser to trap nanoshells:


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