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Trestles LH10-fs/CW laser system


Typical specifications are:

Trestles LH10-fs/CW laser system Request a quote
Ti:Sapphire femtosecond oscillator with CW operation option
Spatial mode: TEMoo;
Polarization: linear horizontal;
fs mode:
Tuning range (@10W pump): 750-850 nm;
Output power (@10W pump, 800 nm): >1500 mW;
Repetition rate: 80 MHz;
Pulse duration: <100 fs;
CW mode:
Tuning range (@10W pump): 750-850 nm;
Output power (@10W pump, 800 nm): >2000 mW in CW;
Linewidth (with two etalons): <2 GHz
Also included:
Thermostabilized breadboard;
Electronic starter with TTL output for mode-locked mode observation;
USB-controlled tuning slit for wavelength tuning in fs mode;
3-plate USB-controlled birefringent Lyot filter;
Two motorized USB-controlled etalons for linewidth control

DPSS LH10 (10 Watt Diode Pump Solid State Laser)
Average Output Power > 10 W
Wavelength 532 nm
Spectral Purity > 99.9 %
Spatial Mode TEM00
Beam Quality (M2) 1.0 - 1.1
Beam Ellipcicity < 1.0 : 1.1
Beam Diameter 2.3 mm ± 10%
Beam Divergence < 0.5 mrad
Pointing Stability < 2 μrad/°C
Power Stability < ± 0.25 % rms
Noise Standard version: < 0.2 % rms
Low noise (NET) version: < 0.03 % rms
Polarization > 100:1 vertical
Power Requirements
Operating Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 500 W max, 300 W typical
Cooling Requirements
Laser Head Closed-loop chiller in Power Supply - Cooler
Power Supply (in Power Supply - Cooler) Air-cooled
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 64-90°F (18-32°C)
Relative Humidity 8-85%, non-condensing
Laser Head - Physical Dimensions (Height x Width x Length)
2.7 x 5.3 x 10.1 inches
(69 x 135 x 256 mm)
Weight 7.0 lbs (3.2 kg) approx.
Cable Length 10 " (3 m)
Power Supply-Cooler - Physical Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
13.0 x 12.7 x 18.2 inches
(330 x 323 x 463 mm)
Weight 55 lbs (25 kg) approx.


Trestles fs-CW manual

Schematic setup of Trestles femtoseconds/CW laser system with built-in pump laser

Schematic setup of Trestles LH10-fs/CW laser system with built-in pump laser

Del Mar Photonics supply Trestles lasers as stand alone system, or as a one-box system with built-in DPSS pump laser.
The price of the system with DPSS pump depends on required output power.


The standard tuning elements indicated below are used in CW Ti:Sapphire lasers such as Trestles CW or Trestles fs/CW.

Those elements are also sold separately as standrad items or as a custom made components.

1) Thick etalon - request a quote
Thickness - 3 mm, diameter - 20 mm. Surface quality: Ð=1-2, N<1, ΔN<0.1,
λ/10, plane parallelism better than 10''. Thickness accuracy 5 um.

2) Thin etalon - request a quote
Thickness - 200 um, diameter - 15 mm. Surface quality: Ð=1-2, N<1, ΔN<0.1,
λ/10, plane parallelism better than 10''. Thickness accuracy 5 um.

3) Birefringent filter BRF - request a quote

We use a 3-plate assembled BRF (Lyot filter) with adjustable motorized mount (see attached drawing).

Total losses introduced into the cavity by the filter are 5% of the laser’s output power. The FSR is defined by the thinnest plate and equals to around - 1.3*1014 Hz, while the maximum width is controlled by the thickest plate and equals to approx. 3.1*1012 Hz.

Dimensions of plate assembly ('filter' in the picture): dia 44.5 mm, t=13.5 mm. It should be properly aligned (Brewster to the beam) and rotated by some rotating mount around its axis to provide wavelength tuning.

Birefringent Filter for tuning Ti:Sapphire laser




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