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double-glazed windows with aluminum frame distance, PVC-frame and the TPS-frame
flat and bent tempered glass SG Tempered
laminated glass (Triplex) SG Laminate
enameled glass (stemalit) SG Colour
electrically heated glass SG Heat
coating on glass by magnetron sputtering
label films on glass
glass processing: cutting to size, drilling, edging, facet
printing on glass: digital printing SG Digital Print, silk-screen printing SG Silk Print, sandblasting, engraving, fusing
cutting of fire-resistant glass

accessories for insulating glass production
supplies for the construction of tempered glass
tool for working with glass
diamond tool

treatment of glass and mirrors: cutting, drilling, edging, facet
printing on glass and mirrors: sandblasting, engraving, fusing, screenprint, digital print
production of exclusive interior glass and mirrors
processing of artificial stone Staron
processing and cutting of fire-resistant glass doors for fireplaces and stoves


Laminated glass

Laminated glass - a laminated glass with layers of plastic (PVB) or a special resin. In the event of damage to the glass, the interlayer holds the fragments together and glass prevents the penetration of people. This glass is particularly suitable in those cases where it is important that the resistance of the glass sheet after injury: shop windows, balconies, stair railings, roof glazing.


There are two types of laminated glass: laminated with polyvinyl film and laminated special resin:

Glass, Laminated polyvinyl film consists of two or more sheets of glass, between which the film, which is firmly glued together under heat and pressure into a single sheet.

Glass, Laminated resin, consists of several sheets of glass, the space between them filled with a special resin which dries and glues sheets between them.