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Del Mar Photonics supply custom Silver Gallium Selenide (AgGaSe2) Crystal - request a quote. When requestion a quote please indicate dimensions, orientation, polishing and coating requirements and quantity.

Silver Gallium Selenide (AgGaSe2) Crystal

Example of the specifications for Silver Gallium Selenide (AgGaSe2) Crystal

Dimension : 10 x 10 x 20 mm(width x height x length)
[Dimension Tolerances : Width +/- 0.1mm, Height +/- 0.1mm, Length +/- 0.2mm]

Parallelism : ≤30 arc second
Propagation plane : X-Z plane
Crystal Cut : 52 degrees with Z axis for propagation in X-Z plane i.e. θ =52 deg, Φ = 0 deg
Application : Type II eoe DFG (Difference Frequency Generation)

[Note : Propagation direction to achieve phase matching for DFG with 1.9355 μm and 2.3630 μm as input to generate 10.6988 μm as output in type II (eoe) critical phase matching. In this case please identify and cut the crystal at suitable theta value and provide Sellmeier constants]

Transmitting wavefront distortion : ≤/4 @ 633 nm
Bulk damage threshold : ≥ 50 MW/cm2 at 1064 nm for 10 ns, 10Hz pulse
Surface : Optically polished (2 end faces of 10 x 10 mm)
Flatness : ≥/8 @ 633 nm
Scratch/Dig : ≤ 10/5
Coating : Broad band Anti reflection coating on 2 end faces of 10 x 10 mm
(R ≤ 1.5 % for the wavelength band 1.5-20.0 μm)
Damage threshold of coating : ≥ 50 MW/cm2 at 1064 nm for 10ns, 10Hz pulse


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