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A femtosecond mode-locked oscillator with internal or external CW pump laser:

Centre wavelength about 800 nm

Average mode-locked output power >750 mW at 800 nm

Near transform-limited pulse. Deconvolved pulse width after dispersion compensation <20 fs

Repetition rate >1 MHz and <150 MHz

Repetition rate approximately 80 MHz

Spatial mode TEM00 (M2 < 1.3)

Amplitude noise from 10 Hz to 10 MHz <0.1%rms

Power stability less or equal 1% over 2 hours or more

Adjustable spectral bandwidth. FWHM bandwidth from <30 to >75 nm around 800 nm

Continuous-wave pump laser for the femtosecond oscillator

Integrated pump laser

Tuneable centre wavelength

Active temperature-stabilised laser head

Control unit / automated mode-locking mechanism

Powered at 220V and <13A and not requiring external cooling

Two years warranty  please detail service level.

Training on system use















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