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Zinc Selenide ZnSe slides - request a quote

ZnSe Optical Grade
10mm x 10mm x 0.5mm thick
Surface: 60:40 S/D
Tolerance on dimensions: +/- 0.130 mm
Flatness: 2 fringes, irregularity: ½ fringe (632.8nm);
Parallelism: <= 1 minute
Bevel: protective bevel (<0.1mm);

S-ZnSe-10-10-0.5   ZnSe slide, 10x10x0.5 mm

Application notes on ZnSe slides

The fullerenes of C60 and C70 were deposited onto a zinc selenide slide

Microarray printing of bacteria on zinc selenide slides.
The microarray of microcolonies were stamped on a ZnSe slide after a 23 h incubation period.

Accelerating Bacterial Identification by Infrared Spectroscopy on ZnSe slide.
Infrared data analysis of the acquired FTIR spectra.

Cryocondensation step on a ZnSe-slide.
The ZnSe slide itself is cooled via connection to a liquid nitrogen container.

Enzyme-catalyzed modifications of macromolecules.
These macromolecules are reactive either as cryogenically milled powder suspended in the organic solvent or as a thin film deposited onto ZnSe slides.

GC/FT-IR spectra of 8.6 ppm of t-butyl benzene deposited on a ZnSe slide.
The lower spectrum was measured on the bare ZnSe slide.

Synchrotron FT-IR microspectroscopic analysis of necrotic bone.
Sections were fixed on ZnSe slides, suitable for infrared transmission analysis.
Sections were cut from each case; one was placed on ZnSe slide.