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At Del Mar Photonics we keep track of Positions for Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows available in research groups worldwide. That helps us to identify the future of photonics and offer more competitive products, as well as find future team members.

If you have Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows positions available please fill free to e-mail us those.

Molecular Nanoscience & Chemical Physics of Interfaces

Several experimental Master's, Ph.D. and Postdoctoral positions are
available in the field of surface chemical physics and nanoscale science
with functional molecules. Research at E20 aims at the fundamental
understanding of interface phenomena and their control for the design of
functional nanoarchitectures in reduced dimensions. We investigate and
manipulate individual nano-objects and highly organized supramolecular
systems. Utilizing scanning probe microscopy tools we examine the interior
of complex molecules and develop self-assembly protocols for nanotextured
surfaces. With advanced spectroscopy techniques we study charge transfer and
electronic reconfiguration processes at ultimate temporal resolution. These
activities promote the development of novel bottom-up fabrication
methodologies and the molecular-level engineering of materials with tailored

Specific research topics include :
. single molecule manipulation and tunneling spectroscopy
. biomolecular self-assembly
. supramolecular engineering
. ultrafast charge-transfer reactions
. surface photochemistry
. nanostructuring for electron confinement
. molecular switches and motors
. molecular magnetism
. solid / liquid interfaces

Part of this research is conducted within the excellence cluster Munich
Center for Advanced Photonics ( and the European
Science Foundation project FunSmarts ( Further
information can be found at

We are looking for motivated students and researchers with team spirit and
background knowledge in Nanoscale Chemistry or Physics, or Surface Science.
Candidates interested in interdisciplinary studies in a stimulating
environment should contact:

Physik Department E20
Prof. Dr. J.V. Barth
James Franck Str. 1
TU M?nchen
D-85748 Garching
Ph.: +49-89-289-12608 / 09
Fax: +49-89-289-12338

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4W/6W DPPS Green Laser

Pacifica Terahertz Spectrometer
Terahertz Spectroscopic Radar Mobile System for Detection of Concealed Explosives

Saturable Absorption Mirrors (SAM) - (pdf) buy online - RSAM

Passive Q-switches for 1.53 - 1.55 micron range - Notch 1550nm

Photoconductive Antenna (PCA) for Terahertz Applications
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Femtosecond micromachining
Femtosecond Nanophotonics
Femtosecond Scanning Probe Microscopy

Diffractive Variable Attenuator for High Power Lasers - DVA-800nm
Circular Laser Writing Systems CLWS-300/C and CLWS-200

NIR viewers - NIR goggles