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FePt, CoPt and FePd fct ordered alloy thin films with the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy are promising materials for the future high density magnetic recording. In order to apply such films as a perpendicular magnetic recording medium, it is necessary to control the orientation of the c-axis, which is the magnetization easy axis. For this purpose we use deposition of multilayered films on the silicon covered by native oxide or on the glass with subsequent rapid thermal annealing (RTA). The ordering of FePt alloy and the preferred orientation of grains depend on annealing temperature and time.
The investigation of the FePt ordered alloy showed the strong positive correlation between the SQUID and magnetoresistance measurements. This conformity allows us to use magnetoresistance measurement as a tool for fast determination of annealing conditions.
In this work we have focused attention on modification of the FePt multilayer magnetic properties by pulsed laser annealing and patterning. The direct laser interference patterning (DLIP) is a rapid and economical way to fabricate nanostructures with periods of a few hundreds nanometers. Each magnetic nanodot of such structures can be used to store a single bit of information in a bit-patterned media.
This poster presents the calculations of laser light intensity coming from the interference of 2, 3 and 4 coherent light beams used for the direct laser interference patterning. We have calculated the influence of the optical system geometry on periodicity, linearity and contrast of the interference images. Basing on the results of these calculations the optimal configuration of optics for laser patterning has been chosen, and the experimental setup was developed.
The setup has been used for patterning with Nd:YAG laser of ordered FePt alloy annealed by RTA method. The pattern images obtained with atomic force microscope (AFM) are compared with theoretical images. The magnetic properties of sample are also shown.


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Near field scanning optical microscope (NSOM) and atomic force microscope (AFM) modes of operation
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20 nm optical resolution (Raleigh criteria for spatial resolution)
State-of-the-art optical microscope console: simultaneous sample and tip observation with long working distance objectives
Femtosecond and UV excitation
True single molecule detection
High-resolution AFM imaging of DNA
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