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From time to time Del Mar Photonics posts announcements for PhD research scholarships and postdoctoral positions in different locations worldwide. Most of those positions are relevant to Del Mar Photonics product portfolio, so we belive that our current and potential customers can be intersted in those opportunities. To find more opportunities go to the main page and search for Postdoc on that page. Some positions can be already filled out - we do not track if the positions are current.

Subject: PhD position in experiments on cold and ultracold molecules: Durham University, UK
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 09:51:16 +0000

PhD Position in Cold and Ultracold Molecules

Applications are invited for a PhD position in the group of Dr David Carty, Department of Physics, Durham University, UK. The PhD is entitled
"Cooling molecules to microKelvin temperatures: Deceleration, trapping and sympathetic cooling for quantum simulation"

The studentship is associated with a large new EPSRC programme grant entitled MMQA: Microkelvin Molecules in a Quantum Array, joint with other experimental groups, and a theory group, at Durham and an experimental group at Imperial College London. For further details on the programme motivations see the news item at or see for a more detailed description of the project itself.

Unfortunately, there are strict eligibility requirements for the studentships that are dictated by the funding body ( Essentially, funding is restricted to UK or European Union citizens, but if you are unsure of your eligibility having read the above web page then please contact me by email for clarification.

To apply for the position, please contact me by email in the first instance, describing your interests and giving the names of two referees. Please also attach a Curriculum Vitae to the email. If your initial contact is promising, I will invite you to follow up your interest with a formal application to the Physics Department of Durham University.

A postdoc position on this same project will be advertised soon, and there are postdoc and PhD positions available in the groups of the other programme collaborators. Please contact Prof. Jeremy Hutson FRS, Dr Eckart Wrede Dr Simon Cornish or David Carty for further details.

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