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Actively frequency-stabilized CW single-frequency ring Ti:Sapphire laser TIS-SF-777
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Unique TIS-SF-777 laser has more narrow linewidth for Ti:Sa lasers on the present market. TIS-SF-777 laser has super-narrow linewidth (< 5 kHz/sec) and unique Auto Re-lock function which is extremely useful in a work with frequency stabilized laser.

General description
Ring design, three wavelength selectors: birefringent filter, thin and thick etalons, electronically controlled thick etalon to ensure laser operation in a single longitudinalcavity mode.
Ultra-narrow line width up to < 5 kHz rms (1 sec): active frequency stabilization to an external reference cavity, special fast PZT actuator with extended response bandwidth.
Unique function Smart Auto-Relock that allows uninterrupted laser operation in the frequency stabilisation mode under arbitrary external perturbations.
Actively thermostated high-finesse reference cavity, frequency drift <40MHz/hr.
External lock capability for stabilization to an absolute reference (e.g. iodine saturated absorption line).

Wavelength range, power
Laser optimized at factory for primary operation wavelength 780-800 nm
Output power at 790nm+/-10nm 1.8W or better with 10W pump (DPSS, 532 nm, TEMoo).
TEMoo mode, linear polarization.

General design
Most of the mounts are placed on a horizontal base plate, which is also the top element of the compact rigid 3-D frame made from three invar rods that ensures high stability of the optical element positions.
Ease of adjustment, simplified laser alignment in the ring configuration because of preliminary optimisation of the elements in the linear cavity, exceptionally accurate alignment of the pump beam position.
Premium Ti:Sapphire crystal (FOM > 500).
Enclosed cavity with nitrogen purge port.
Ergonomical and reliable electronic control unit featuring a built-in generator for smooth scanning of the laser frequency.

Actively frequency-stabilized, continuous-wave, single-frequency ring Titanium-Sapphire laser TIS-SF-777
Wavelength ranges: 750-850 nm
Linewidth: < 10 kHz/sec rms
Output power: > 1.8W@790+/-10nm at 10W pump (DPSS 532 nm, TEMoo)
Smooth scanning: > 5 GHz
Frequency drift: < 40 MHz/hour
Polarization: horizontally polarized output
Auto-Relock function, external lock capability for stabilization to an absolute reference

Price of the TIS-SF-777 Ti:Sapphire laser with above mentioned specifications, including installation, teaching and 12-months warranty period: request a quote

Accessories & Options:
Extra optics set (695-770 nm or 850-950 nm or 950-1050 nm) - request a quote
Smooth scanning > 18 GHz: request a quote

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