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Trestles-100LH10 fs/CW - request a quote

Ti:Sapphire femtosecond oscillator with a 10 W built-in pump laser
Tuning range (@10W pump): 710-980* or 730-870 nm
Output power (@10W pump, 800 nm): >1300 mW
Repetition rate: 80 MHz
Pulse duration: <100 fs
Spatial mode: TEMoo
Polarization: linear horizontal
Also included:
Thermostabilized breadboard
Electronic starter with TTL output for pulse train observation and synchronization of external devices
USB-controlled tuning slit for wavelength tuning in fs mode with software

Tunable aux CW arm modification for the Trestles CW cavity arm is equipped with a BRF filter for tunable CW output (fs and CW modes are switchable)
Tuning range (@10W pump): same as in fs mode
Output power (@800 nm): >1800 mW@10 W pump
>700 mW @5 W pump
Linewidth: <45 GHz
USB-controlled birefringent filter with software included

Additional exchangeable fs/CW optics set for the Trestles for fs/CW wavelength range extension
10-mirror set for usage in both fs and tunable CW modes if you purchase the aux CW arm modification

Motorized thin etalon for CW linewidth control USB-controlled etalon for narrowing the linewidth of the auxiliary CW arm to <20 GHz
Note: Operates only in combination with the BRF filter.

Motorized thick etalon for CW linewidth control USB-controlled etalon for further narrowing the linewidth of the auxiliary CW arm to <2 GHz
Note: Operates only in combination with the BRF filter and the thin etalon.

DPSS pump laser DMP-LH10
Laser Output Characteristics
Average Output Power > 10 W
Wavelength 532 nm
Spectral Purity > 99.9 %
Spatial Mode TEM00
Beam Quality (M2) 1.0 - 1.1
Beam Ellipticity < 1.0 : 1.1
Beam Diameter 2.3 mm ± 10%
Beam Divergence < 0.5 mrad
Pointing Stability < 2 μrad/oC
Power Stability < ± 0.25 % rms
Low noise (NET) version: < 0.03 % rms
Polarization > 100:1 vertical
Power Requirements
Operating Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 500 W max, 300 W typical
Laser Head Closed-loop chiller in Power Supply -Cooler
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 64-90 F (18-32 C)
Relative Humidity 8-85%, non-condensing
Laser Head - Physical
Dimensions (Height x Width x Length)
2.7 x 5.3 x 10.1 inches
(69 x 135 x 256 mm)
Weight 7.0 lbs (3.2 kg) approx.
Cable Length 10 " (3 m)
Power Supply-Cooler - Physical
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)
13.0 x 12.7 x 18.2 inches
(330 x 323 x 463 mm)
Weight 55 lbs (25 kg) approx.


Del Mar Photonics is your one stop source for ultrafast (femtosecond) as well as continuum wave (CW) narrow linewidth Ti:Sapphire lasers Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
Trestles LH is a new series of high quality femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers for applications in scientific research, biological imaging, life sciences and precision material processing. Trestles LH includes integrated sealed, turn-key, cost-effective, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS). Trestles LH lasers offer the most attractive pricing on the market combined with excellent performance and reliability. DPSS LH is a state-of-the-art laser designed for today’s applications. It combines superb performance and tremendous value for today’s market and has numerous advantages over all other DPSS lasers suitable for Ti:Sapphire pumping. Trestles LH can be customized to fit customer requirements and budget.

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DPSS DMP LH series lasers will pump your Ti:Sapphire laser. There are LH series lasers installed all over the world pumping all makes & models of oscillator. Anywhere from CEP-stabilized femtosecond Ti:Sapphire oscillators to ultra-narrow-linewidth CW Ti:Sapphire oscillators. With up to 10 Watts CW average power at 532nm in a TEMoo spatial mode, LH series lasers has quickly proven itself as the perfect DPSS pump laser for all types of Ti:Sapphire or dye laser.
Ideal for pumping of:

Trestles LH Ti:Sapphire laser
T&D-scan laser spectrometer based on narrow line CW Ti:Sapphire laser

Featured Customer

Trestles LH10-fs/CW laser system at UC Santa Cruz Center of Nanoscale Optofluidics

Del Mar Photonics offers new Trestles fs/CW laser system which can be easily switched from femtosecond mode to CW and back. Having both modes of operation in one system dramatically increase a number of applications that the laser can be used for, and makes it an ideal tool for scientific lab involved in multiple research projects.
Kaelyn Leake is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. She graduated from Sweet Briar College with a B.S. in Engineering Sciences and Physics. Her research interests include development of nanoscale optofluidic devices and their applications. Kaelyn is the recipient of a first-year QB3 Fellowship. In this video Kaelyn talks about her experimental research in nanoscale optofluidics to be done with Trestles LH laser.

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Frequency-stabilized CW single-frequency ring Dye laser DYE-SF-007 pumped by DPSS DMPLH laser installed in the brand new group of Dr. Dajun Wang at the The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
DYE-SF-077 features exceptionally narrow generation line width, which amounts to less than 100 kHz. DYE-SF-077 sets new standard for generation line width of commercial lasers. Prior to this model, the narrowest line-width of commercial dye lasers was as broad as 500 kHz - 1 MHz. It is necessary to note that the 100-kHz line-width is achieved in DYE-SF-077 without the use of an acousto-optical modulator, which, as a rule, complicates the design and introduces additional losses. A specially designed ultra-fast PZT is used for efficient suppression of radiation frequency fluctuations in a broad frequency range. DYE-SF-077 will be used in resaerch of Ultracold polar molecules, Bose-Einstein condensate and quantum degenerate Fermi gas and High resolution spectroscopy


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