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The standard tuning elements indicated below are used in CW Ti:Sapphire lasers such as Trestles CW , Trestles fs/CW as well as TIS-SF-777
Wavelength tuning: Birefringent filter - thick etalon - thin etalon

For CW Ti:Sapphire laser TRESTLES CW LH (Ti:Sapphire CW oscillator) which is tunable in the range 700 - 1000 nm the typical linewidth is:
<45 GHz - with birefringent filter only  -  corresponds to 96 picometer at 800 nm

Below is an example of the calibration table showing relations between motot position and wavelength. As we can see one step corresponds to approximately 35 pm (picometers), that is 1/3 of the wavelenght which is 96 pm

Position Wavelength Position change Wavelength change nm/step
6233 864.4      
8000 801.12 1767 63.28 0.035812
9000 766.28 1000 34.84 0.03484
10000 731.97 1000 34.31 0.03431
11000 697.66 1000 34.31 0.03431


More details on the tuning and calibration procedure can be found in the manual.

Tunable Titanium: Sapphire Continuous Wave Laser Trestles LH CW

manual - request a quote

Del Mar Photonics offers new Trestle-LHs fs/CW laser system which can be easily switched from femtosecond mode to CW and back.
Having both modes of operation in one system dramatically increase a number of applications that the laser can be used for, and makes it an ideal tool for scientific lab involved in multiple research projects.

Del Mar Photonics offers variety of continuum wave Ti:Sapphire lasers with linewidth from 45 GHz down to 5 kHz, output power from few hundred mW to 3 Watt. We also offer a combination of CW-femtosecond laser in one convinient to operate package.

Few example include Trestles CW , Trestles fs/CW as well as TIS-SF-777

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