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Optical Coherence Tomography and Femtosecond Lasers: examples of applications

Optical coherence tomography monitoring of vocal fold femtosecond laser microsurgery

OCT-aided femtosecond laser micromachining device


Del Mar Photonics team involved in developing various Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain OCT modalities including conventional OCT, two-wavelength OCT, and polarization-sensitive OCT. We also develop OCT systems featuring high NA objectives and dynamic focusing which are also referred to as Optical Coherence Microscopy systems.

Custom OCT systems was developed for:

* University of Florida , USA
* University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston , USA Bayer Corp., USA
* University of California at Berkeley , USA
* Hannover Laser Center , Germany
* National Eye Institute, National Institute of Health , USA
* University of Oulu , Finland
* Rice University , USA

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Del Mar Photonics offers industry's most extensive portfolio of ultrafast lasers
We offer femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers based based on Ti:Sapphire (Trestles, Teahupoo, Cortes), Cr:Forsterite (Mavericks, Jaws), Yb- Solid State (Tourmaline-SS), Er-doped fiber (Tamarack, Buccaneers) and Yb- doped fibers (Tourmaline series). Main specifications of the basic standard models are summarized in the table below:

Laser brand-name  Brief description  Output parameters  Sample specifications  Pdf brochures
 Trestles  Ti:Sapphire oscillator  wavelength tuning range
 710-950 nm (@6W pump);
 output power >600 mW
 (@6W pump, 800 nm)
 pulse duration <20 fs - 100 fs
 Trestles-100 without pump laser
 Ti:Sapphire oscillator having a tuning range of
 710-950 nm (@6W pump);
 output power >600 mW (@6W pump, 800 nm);
 beam quality TEMoo;
 polarization - linear horizontal;
 pulse duration <100 fs;
 repetition rate 80 MHz
 Trestles Ti:Sapphire laser
 Trestles Finesse Ti:Sapphire laser
 Pump lasers
 HPG DPSS green laser
 Finesse DPSS green laser
 Teahupoo Rider  Ti:Sapphire one-box
 Mavericks  Cr:Forsterite oscillator

 tuning range 1230-1270nm
 output power up to 1W
 pulse duration 60 fs - 80 fs
 repetition rate 120/76 MHz (fixed)
Mavericks 65P
 Femtosecond Cr:Forsterite laser system
 Ytterbium pump laser included.
 tuning range 1230-1270nm
 output power 250 mW
 beam quality TEMoo
 polarization linear horizontal
 pulse duration <65 fs
 repetition rate 120/76 MHz (fixed)
 Electronic starter included.
 Peltier crystal head with temperature
 controller included.
Mavericks Cr:Forsterite femtosecond lasers

Multiphoton Imaging with Mavericks - introductory brochure

New compact version of Mavericks CrF:65P chromium forsterite femtosecond laser


 Tourmaline Yb-SS400  Ytterbium-doped Solid-
 State Femtosecond
 Wavelength, nm 10592
 Pulse duration fs < 150
 Output power, mW* >400
 Repetition rate, MHz 80*
 Tourmaline Yb-SS400/150
 Pulse duration (FWHM), fs < 150
 Wavelength, nm 10592
 Output power, mW* >400
 Repetition rate, MHz 80*
 Output power stability** 1% (see graph)
 Spatial mode TEMoo
 Polarization, linear >100:1 (horizontal)
 Laser head dimensions, mm 710x165x110
 Power supply dimensions, mm 230x200x85
 Ytterbium-doped Solid- State
 Femtosecond Oscillator
 Tamarack  Er-doped fiber
 femtosecond oscillator
 Wavelength, nm 156010
 Pulse Width, fs <80 - 250
 Output power, mW >10
 Tamarack 80 (RFQ)
 Pulse Width (FWHM), fs <80
 Wavelength, nm 156010
 Average output power, mW >10
 Peak output power, kW up to 1
 Repetition rate, MHz 70
 Power output:
 10 mW, TEM00, linearly polarized or fiber output
 Laser head dimensions, mm 180x210x50
 Power supply unit dimensions, mm 230x200x85
 Tamarack Er-doped femtosecond
 fiber laser
 Buccaneer  Er-doped fiber

 Buccaneer 100
 Femtosecond fiber-based laser system
 Wavelength (fixed) 156010nm; output
 power >100 mW;
 beam quality TEM00
 pulse duration (fixed) 150-300 fs;
 repetition rate (fixed) 60-80 MHz

 Buccaneer Er-doped
 femtosecond fiber laser
 Buccaneer SHG  Er-doped fiber
 oscillator/amplifier +SHG
 Wavelength 780+-10 nm
 Pulse Width < 120 fs
 Output power >40 mW
 Buccaneer with a SHG unit
 Fiber laser with SH generation
 Pulse Width (FWHM) < 120 fs
 Wavelength 780+-10 nm (fixed)
 Average output power >40 mW
 Repetition rate 40 MHz
 Spectral width ~ 7.5 nm
 RF Out: SMA
 Mode lock status: SMA
 Polarization: vertical
 Buccaneer Er-doped
 femtosecond fiber laser with build
 in SHG unit


 Tourmaline  Femtosecond Yb-based
 seed oscillator
 Output power 20mW
 Wavelength 1040-1064 nm
 Pulse duration 100 fs
 Tourmaline 100
 Average power 20mW
 Wavelength 1040-1064 nm
 Repetition rate 60-80 MHz
 Pulse duration 100 fs
 Output pulse energy 0.25nJ
 Femtosecond Yb-based seed
 Tourmaline 300-1  Femtosecond Yb-based
 laser system
 Pulse duration 300 fs
 Average power 1 W
 Tourmaline 300-1
Yb-based laser system
 Pulse duration 300 fs
 Average power 1 W
 Repetition rate 10 kHz
 Pulse energy 100 mkJ


 Tourmaline Yb-
 Yb-based high-energy fiber
 laser development kit,
 model Tourmaline Yb-
 Wavelength: 1.07 nm 0.1 nm
 Pulse duration: 500 fs - 3 ns
 Pulse energy: up to 10 J
 Tourmaline Yb-ULRepRate-07
 Yb-based high-energy fiber laser system kit includes:
 - low-repetition-rate high-energy mode-locked Yb-
 doped all-fiber laser with open architecture which
 provides possibility of educational & experimental
 work for obtaining ultra-low-repetition-rate (up to 10
 kHz) and study of parabolic shaped pulses

 Wavelength: 1.07 nm 0.1 nm
 Pulse duration: 500 fs - 3 ns
 Repetition rate: 25-5 MHz and low (up to 10 kHz)
 Pulse energy: up to 10 J (microJoule)


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