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Below are few examples of Pyrex mirrors, recently manufactured by Del Mar Photonics.
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Material: Pyrex 7740
Dimension tolerance: (+.00 mm/-.25 mm)
Thickness tolerance: (+/-.25 mm)
Surface quality: 20-10 scr-dig
Surface flatness: lambda/4 @ 633nm
Wedge/Parallelism: <= 3 arc minutes
Chamfer: <= 0.2 0.5 mm at 45 deg nominal
Clear aperture: extends to within 1 mm of the edge
S1: Protected Gold at 8 -12 microns, 0 deg AOI
R average > 95%
S2: Commercial polish
Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm x 10mm
Dimensions: 60 mm x 110 mm x10 mm
Dimensions: 80 mm x 140 mm x10 mm

P/N: 18009300, Square Mirror, Pyrex, 60mm x 60mm x10mm
Dimension tolerance +.000mm/-.254mm
Thickness tolerance .254mm
Surface quality 20-10
Surface flatness ג/4 @ 633nm
Wedge 3 arc minutes
Chamfer 0.02 @ 45 nominal
Clear aperture ≥ central 85%
S1: Protected Gold @ 0.9m-12m, 45 AOI
S2: Commercial polish

P/N: 18009400, Rectangular Mirror, Pyrex, 80mm x 40mm x 10mm
Dimension tolerance +.000mm/-.254mm
Thickness tolerance .254mm
Surface quality 20-10
Surface flatness ג/4 @ 633nm
Wedge 3 arc minutes
Chamfer 0.02 @ 45 nominal
Clear aperture ≥ central 85%
S1: Protected Gold @ 0.9m-12m, 45 AOI
S2: Commercial polish

Pyrex Optical Grade Mirrors - request a quote
Material: Pyrex optical grade
Dimensions: 152.4 x 152.4 mm x 12.7 mm
Dimension Tolerance: +0.00 mm / -0.25 mm
Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.25 mm
Surface Quality of S1: 60-40 scr-dig
Surface Flatness: /2 at 633nm
Parallelism: < 5 arc minutes
Clear Aperture: > central 95%
S1: Protected Gold at 0.76 - 1.6 microns, 20 - 45 deg AOI, Raverage >95%
S2: Fine Ground
Part Number: PM_152.4_152.4_12.7_Pgold_0.76_1.6

Del Mar Photonics featured optical components

Del Mar Photonics continuously expands its optical components portfolio. Browse our online store, read monthly notes about our featured optical products or just send us your requirements or product ideas

Axicon Lens
Axicon lens also known as conical lens or rotationally symmetric prism is widely used in different scientific research and application. Axicon can be used to convert a parallel laser beam into a ring, to create a non diffractive Bessel beam or to focus a parallel beam into long focus depth.
Del Mar Photonics supplies axicons with cone angles range from 130 to 179.5 for use with virtually any laser radiation. We manufacture and supply axicons made from BK7 glass, fused silica and other materials.
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Del Mar Photonics offers optical elements made of high quality synthetically grown Rutile Titanium Dioxide crystals. Rutile (TiO2) coupling prisms
Del Mar Photonics offers optical elements made of high quality synthetically grown Rutile Titanium Dioxide crystals. Rutiles strong birefringency, wide transmission range and good mechanical properties make it suitable for fabrication of polarizing cubes, prisms and optical isolators. Boules having high optical transmission and homogeneity are grown by proprietary method. Typical boules have 10 - 15 mm in dia. and up to 25 mm length. Optical elements sizes - from 2 x 2 x 1 mm to 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 mm. Laser grade polish quality is available for finished elements. So far we the largest elements that we manufactured are 12 x15 x 5 mm, in which optical axis is parallel to 15 mm edge, 5 mm is along beam path, 12 x 15 mm faces polished 20/10 S/D, one wave flatness, parallelism < 3 arc.min. (better specs. available on request).
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Vacuum viewport

Del Mar Photonics offer a range of competitively priced UHV viewports , Conflat, ISO or KF including a variety of coatings to enhance performance. Del Mar Photonics viewports are manufactured using advanced techniques for control of special and critical processes, including 100 percent helium leak testing and x-ray measurements for metallization control. Windows Materials include: Fused silica, Quartz , Sapphire , MgF2, BaF2, CaF2, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, Pyrex. Standard Viewing diameters from .55" to 1.94 ".
Coating - a range of custom coatings can applied - which include
- Single QWOT
- Broad Band AR
- V coatings
- DLC (Diamond like coating)
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Manufacturing challenging optical components

Our group works to characterize the interaction of biomolecules with solid surfaces, writes Dennis Hore of University of Victoria, Canada.  Nature designs proteins with well-defined structures in solution.  The conformation of these molecules may serve a structural purpose, or a chemical one in the case of enzymes.  In order to further the progress of technologies that immobilize such molecules on synthetic surfaces (like biosensors employing enzymes), it is important to have a detailed understanding and control of the interactions of these molecules with the surface more
For that project Del Mar has been able to manufacture all shapes of prisms from CaF2, fused silica, and ZnSe according to our custom specifications.

Del Mar Photonics online store features windows, prisms, lenses, attenuators, etalons, crystals and wafers, and other items. Axicons, barium fluoride windows, germanium etalons, rutile (TiO2) prisms, microchannel plates and detectors, saturable absorber mirrors, photoconductive THz antennas, lithium niobate wafers and crystals and many other high quality affordable components for scientific research and OEM production are delivered globally from stock.
Micro Prism from Del Mar Photonics - Concentrating Photovoltaics
We are looking forward to hear from you and help you with your optical and crystal components requirements. Need time to think about it? Drop us a line and we'll send you beautiful Del Mar Photonics mug (or two) so you can have a tea party with your colleagues and discuss your potential needs 

Trestles LH femtosecond lasers with integrated DPSS DMPLH laser pump - DPSS DMPLH lasers


Del Mar Photonics - Greyhawkoptics


Axicons in stock

Axicon featured application:
Extended focus depth for Fourier domain optical coherence microscopy
Dynamically adjustable annular laser trapping based on axicons
Long distance transport of ultracold atoms using a 1D optical lattice - pdf
Transcutaneous fiber optic Raman spectroscopy of bone using annular illumination and a circular array of collection fibers - pdf
Inverse Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy for Deep Noninvasive Probing of Turbid Media
Laser Triggering of Water Switches in Terrawatt-Class Pulse Power Accelerators - pdf
Cellular Imaging and Analysis of Polarized Membrane Traffic
Total Internal Reflections Fluorescence Microscopy
TIRFM imaging (also called evanescent wave microscopy)

Fused Silica Optics

Fused Silica Windows in stock
Fused Silica Substrates in stock
UV Grade Fused Silica Windows in stock
UV Grade Fused Silica Substrates in stock
Greyhawk Optics Catalogue: Fused Silica Windows
Greyhawk Optics Catalogue: Fused Silica Substrates


Dove prisms in stock


Barium Fluoride Optics

BaF2 slides - Barium Fluoride slides - disk - BaF2 windows for IR spectrometers - BaF2 windows in FTIR

Calcium Fluoride Optics

Calcium Fluoride Windows

Calcium Fluoride Prisms

Sodium Fluoride Optics

Pyrex Mirrors - EL
Pyrex mirrors with protected gold coating

Rutile prisms

Rutile coupling prisms
Rutile prism for tuning lasers
Thin film waveguides

Del Mar Photonics - Greyhawkoptics

ZnSe optical components

ZnSe hemicylindrical prisms - Zinc Selenide hemicylindrical prisms


Optical components


Barium Fluoride


Fused Silica optics

Ge optics









Optical crystals

BBO SHG @ 532 nm

BBO SHG @ 800 nm

BBO THG @ 800 nm







KTP SHG @ 1064 nm

LiNbO3 optical grade

LiNbO3 saw grade






TiO2 (Rutile)


Femto optics


Dispersion Prism Pair