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We are mounting an ion trap experiment for Calcium ions. We need MCP's for th measurement of ion's time of flight. We need a set of two MCP's mounted in chevron configuration with an active diameter of about 20 mm. I am interested by The systems you provide with the anode for the collection of the signal. Can you please tell us the price of the system having the carachteristics I specified.
We need also a power supply and a voltage divider to polarize the MCP's and keep the 100 V you say it must be left between the MCP's and the anode.
We need a fast amplifier for the MCP's
We are also interested by a multi channel scaler computer card to be used with the MCP's to get the TOF and to be used with a photomultiplier tube to count photons.

For the creation of Calcium ions, the use of a pulsed laser is an option (for laser ablation/Ionization). Can you please tell us if you can provide such a laser. We need only 10^5 to 10^6 ions per second and we don't want to go for a complicated and expansive laser system. May be you have a diode based laser for that.

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Microchannel Plates, Detectors and Imaging Systems
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MCP-MA - Detecting short proton beam from a picosecond CO2 laser ionized H2 plasma
MCP-MA25/2 are used in aSPECT to study the background
MCP setup for velocity map imaging apparatus
Microchannel Plate Detector (MCP) setup for Plasma Desorption Mass Spectrometry (PDMS)
MCP detector for high resolution ion time-of-flight analysis for measuring molecular velocity distributions
X-ray detection system based on the MCP/phosphor screen assembly
MCP + phosphorous screen for imaging of XUV radiation (14eV- 160-eV) in high harmonics experiments


Exchanging MCPs in Time-of-Flight detectors
Microchannel Plates, Detectors and Imaging Systems - Open MCP-MA - MCP-MA applications - MCP-MA assembled - Applications

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