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Customer inquiry:

I`m a professor at the State Unversity of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and need to know the price of MCP-MA24/2 in Chevron assembly.
It will be use in a Plasma Desorption Mass Spectrometry (PDMS) experiment.
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Del Mar Photonics reply:

Current part number for this item is MCP-MA25/2. It's available in stock fro immediate delivery. You can place credit card order or PO at our online store, or e-mail us to request a formal quote.

Open Microchannel Plate Detector MCP-MA25/2

Open Microchannel Plate Detector MCP-MA25/2 - now in stock! - request a quote
Microchannel Plate Detectors MCP-MA series are an open MCP detectors with one or more microchannel plates and a single metal anode. They are intended for time-resolved detection and make use of high-speed response properties of the MCPs. MCP-MA detectors are designed for photons and particles detection in vacuum chambers or in the space. MCP-MA detectors are used in a variety of applications including UV, VUV and EUV spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics, TOF mass–spectrometry of clusters and biomolecules, surface studies and space research.
MCP-MA detectors supplied as a totally assembled unit that can be easily mounted on any support substrate or directly on a vacuum flange. They also can be supplied premounted on a standard ConFlat flanges. buy online - ask for research discount!


Current lit price of the detector is indicated below, however we'll be happy to offer you substantial resaerch discount to fit your budget.

Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2
[MCP-MA 25/2 SP37]

Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2
Support plate ø37 mm

MCP Detectors
 Model   Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 MCP 34/2 G   Microchannel plate detector MCP 34/2 G   $1,800.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-MA 25/2   Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2   $3,235.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-MA 25/2 SP70   Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2   $3,235.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-MA 25/2 SP37   Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 25/2   $3,235.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-MA 34/2   Microchannel plate detector MCP-MA 34/2   $3,500.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-GPS 25/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-GPS 25/2   $4,985.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-GPS 34/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-GPS 34/2   $5,900.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-IFP 25/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-IFP 25/2   $4,985.00  Buy Now 
 MCP-IFP 34/2   Microchannel plate imaging detector MCP-IFP 34/2   $5,900.00  Buy Now 



Customer inquiry:

I'm looking to buy an MCP setup for use in our velocity map imaging apparatus. I've been looking on your website, and through a few older Galileo Electro-optics brochures. I'm interested in a Chevron MCP coupled to a P20 phosphor screen, but I can't seem to find something like that on your website.

I'm trying to find something as close as possible to our old detector, which had the following specifications:
60:1 L/D ratio
40 mm Minimum Quality Diameter
10 um Pore size
12 um Center-to-Center spacing
8 degree Bias angle
Imaging Quality Level

It would also need to be coupled to a P20 gold-coated phosphor screen that is mounted to a 6" conflat flange. Does Del Mar have anything close to these specifications?

Del Mar Photonics reply:

Yes, we have detector MCP-GPS-46/2-CF8" that fits all required specifications. Probably the only difference is that we use silver-coated phosphor screen. However if for any reason you prefer gold-coated phosphor we can make it for you too. Please indicate required thickness of gold coating on top of phosphor layer.

Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6" - request a quote

MCP-Open Image Intensifier
2 MCP-46, diam 46mm
10-12 core (10micron channel, 12 micron pitch)
P20 phosphor on a glass plate
Active area 40mm

Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6"


Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6"

Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6"

Microchannel Plate Imaging Detector MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6"


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Microchannel Plates, Detectors and Imaging Systems
Examples of research applications:
Studies of the atomic clusters at the University of Virginia - Amber Post
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MCP-GPS-46/2-CF6" Open MCP imaging detector mounted on CF6" flange - MCP-GPS and MCP-IFP imaging detectors
MCP-MA - Detecting short proton beam from a picosecond CO2 laser ionized H2 plasma
MCP-MA25/2 are used in aSPECT to study the background
MCP setup for velocity map imaging apparatus
Microchannel Plate Detector (MCP) setup for Plasma Desorption Mass Spectrometry (PDMS)
MCP detector for high resolution ion time-of-flight analysis for measuring molecular velocity distributions
X-ray detection system based on the MCP/phosphor screen assembly
MCP + phosphorous screen for imaging of XUV radiation (14eV- 160-eV) in high harmonics experiments
Analysis of biological molecules on surfaces using stimulated desorption photoionization mass spectrometry
MCP detector for laser ablation/ionization experiment


Exchanging MCPs in Time-of-Flight detectors
Microchannel Plates, Detectors and Imaging Systems - Open MCP-MA - MCP-MA applications - MCP-MA assembled - Applications

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Kaelyn Leake is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. She graduated from Sweet Briar College with a B.S. in Engineering Sciences and Physics. Her research interests include development of nanoscale optofluidic devices and their applications. Kaelyn is the recipient of a first-year QB3 Fellowship. In this video Kaelyn talks about her experimental research in nanoscale optofluidics to be done with Trestles LH laser.

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